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US-4091370-A: Fluid control for electrical circuit patent, US-4156777-A: Process for producing glucopyranose-nitrosourea compounds and novel compounds included therein patent, US-4308335-A: Color diffusion transfer photographic elements patent, US-4330541-A: Novel corticoid 17-thioacetals, their preparation and use patent, US-4608195-A: Preparing a tertiary hydroxyl carboxaldehyde containing perfume composition patent, US-4719499-A: Semiconductor imaging device patent, US-5017496-A: Method for determining the respiration rate of a respiring material in the form of a continuous process current, as well as a device suitable for such an application patent, US-5106982-A: Piperidinyl carbonyl derivatives patent, US-5390167-A: Code-division multiplex communication apparatus patent, US-5714286-A: Photosensitive resin composition for forming light shielding films, black matrix formed by the same, and method for the production thereof patent, US-5982655-A: Method and apparatus for support of multiple memory types in a single memory socket architecture patent, US-6117792-A: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-6387904-B2: Method of treating glaucoma and ischemic retinopathy patent, US-6549084-B1: Low phase noise variable frequency oscillator patent, US-3595370-A: Apparatus for stacking and transferring bundles of printed sheets in super-high-speed rolling press patent, US-3604862-A: Tape-cartridge-positioning apparatus patent, US-3659804-A: Web take-up device patent, US-3809004-A: All terrain vehicle patent, US-3857531-A: Tape reel cartridge patent, US-3876911-A: Fault indicator system for high voltage connectors patent, US-3881652-A: Rail fastening assembly patent, US-3894176-A: Premium video distribution system patent, US-3939799-A: Magnetic force sealant for plating tank patent, US-3971808-A: Spirodipyrans and chromogenic materials for copying processes patent, US-4023255-A: Pinning method and apparatus patent, US-4127849-A: System for converting coded data into display data patent, US-4139263-A: Optical device for projecting a radiation beam onto a data carrier patent, US-4151113-A: Halogenated organoaluminum compounds and method of preparation patent, US-4153860-A: Lighting control apparatus patent, US-4194603-A: Trolley rail and flying pickup patent, US-4284606-A: Extraction patent, US-4415253-A: System for setting sheet-form type patent, US-4583625-A: Temperature responsive fluid coupling device patent, US-4587959-A: Hot and cold therapeutic applicator patent, US-4642839-A: Device for the reciprocating linear drive of a part patent, US-4666822-A: Method for manufacturing a damping layer for surface wave filters patent, US-4681377-A: Flexible belt for endless tracks made from a plurality of segments patent, US-4697661-A: Drive design for mobile x-ray units with dual wheel drives patent, US-4720883-A: Interchangeable rotary scrub brush nozzle with swivel patent, US-4767995-A: Conductivity cell with adjustable concentric electrodes patent, US-4877909-A: Process for reducing aldehydes or ketones patent, US-4913986-A: Battery fill-post seal arrangement for hermeticity leakage testing patent, US-4931328-A: Capillary tube with reduced protein interactions and controllable electroosmotic flow patent, US-5066742-A: Manufacture of C2-C8 olefin/maleic anhydride copolymers patent, US-5117684-A: Air pressure measuring pen patent, US-5448086-A: Field effect transistor patent, US-5789141-A: Photolithography of chemically amplified resist utilizing 200°C minimum heat treatment of uncoated substrate patent, US-5956028-A: Virtual space communication system, three-dimensional image display method, and apparatus therefor patent, US-6069339-A: Dual flow nozzle shield for plasma-arc torch patent, US-6354474-B1: Apparatus for measuring valve dispensing time and method of using the same patent, US-6376362-B1: Production of semiconductor device patent, US-6419730-B1: Gas transmission system including a water separator patent, US-6473388-B1: Ultra-high density information storage device based on modulated cathodoconductivity patent, US-6510113-B1: Recording apparatus, recording method, and recording medium carrying computer program for recording a signal patent, US-3585438-A: Cathode with electron beam confining means patent, US-3699595-A: Combination closing and opening pliers for reversible matrix band clamp patent, US-3712212-A: Variable printer intensity control patent, US-3716606-A: Method of stabilizing thermo-plastic containers patent, US-3741718-A: Apparatus for loading a high-pressure furnace patent, US-3742947-A: Optically isolated electro-medical device patent, US-3819156-A: Hoist drum control patent, US-3878496-A: Selectable level alarming personal dosimeter patent, US-3879225-A: Electrochemical cells comprising fluidized bed electrodes patent, US-3883647-A: Tablet formulation patent, US-3888125-A: Pump for preparing diluted liquids of predetermined degrees of dilution patent, US-3917027-A: System for pre-lubricating an occasionally used, fluid cranked, quick starting, fuel burning engine patent, US-3936756-A: Field emission electron gun having automatic current control patent, US-3939924-A: Power torque wrench patent, US-3994237-A: Power supply for realistic control of model railroad engines patent, US-4036249-A: Diverter valve patent, US-4119453-A: Process for reclaiming and upgrading thin-walled malleable waste material patent, US-4149911-A: Memory metal article patent, US-4160425-A: Fuel system for aquatic craft patent, US-4163937-A: Multi-function test apparatus to test, selectively and as desired, electrical circuits, circuit components and transistors patent, US-4178337-A: Thermoplastic elastomeric film extrusion process patent, US-4181245-A: Casette for use with an I.V. infusion controller patent, US-4208727-A: Semiconductor read only memory using MOS diodes patent, US-4210024-A: Temperature measurement apparatus patent, US-4252497-A: Article handling system patent, US-4358649-A: Rotary switch patent, US-4423173-A: Lignosulfonate-phenol-formaldehyde resin binder patent, US-4449662-A: Corner holder for use with boxes patent, US-4485254-A: Process for preparing phenoxybenzoic acids patent, US-4589960-A: Activated metal anodes and a process for making them patent, US-4824575-A: Metal-containing waste water treatment and metal recovery process patent, US-4913392-A: Mounting bracket patent, US-4917707-A: Process, cell and device for crystal growth, particularly for space vessel patent, US-5108242-A: Paper drilling apparatus patent, US-5142323-A: Paper feed control method for a copier patent, US-5160732-A: Encapsulated aluminum and aluminum-zirconium compositions patent, US-5282262-A: Method and apparatus for transforming a two-dimensional video signal onto a three-dimensional surface patent, US-5339063-A: Solenoid stator assembly for electronically actuated fuel injector patent, US-5587219-A: Neck cushioning towel patent, US-5766302-A: Fertilizer coating process patent, US-5767916-A: Method and apparatus for automatic pixel clock phase and frequency correction in analog to digital video signal conversion patent, US-5838627-A: Arrangement of power supply and data input/output pads in semiconductor memory device patent, US-5864549-A: Method for the overlayed operation of two radio communication systems with reduced intersystem interference, and a radio communication system for overlayed use patent, US-6104747-A: Method for determining optimum number of complex samples for coherent averaging in a communication system patent, US-6111592-A: DMA data transfer apparatus, motion picture decoding apparatus using the same, and DMA data transfer method patent, US-6174720-B1: Modified bioreactor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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